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We recently upgraded ER Studio 16.5 and for testing purposes we configure ER Studio 16.5 to connect to a copy of our production database.

So the tester are using the copy of the production  database for testing.

Testing is now complete, and we are getting ready for Go Live for ER Studio 16.5. So we empty the testing database in ER Studio 16.5.  and load a fresh copy of the current of production database.

So far I have tested the database connection and its working fine.

Do we need to run again the Team server configurator and import the embarcadero license before we handover the ER STudio 16.5 to the users?  

Can you please provide some guidance on how ER Studio 16.5 read the fresh copy of production database

Kind Regards,


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  • Hi Mercy,

    From the description above it is unclear which specific steps you have completed with the production installation and database, and which version you upgraded from.  Please contact our support team so that they can determine exactly which specific steps have been completed and then advise you accordingly.


    - Ron

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