Print Preview Not showing Colors in ER studio, color model always print out as black and white


I don't find any other better thread. I have to ask my questions here and hopefully someone can tell me how to bring the color back in Preview.

The ER studio I am using is version 11.0.1 (Build 8900). I was printing the colorful models fine up until yesterday.

This morning, I was trying to print my model to PDF file, and it turns out the generated PDF file is black and white with all the colors stripped out. I thought something wrong with my PDF exporting. I did the following:

1. Restart my machine

2. Open the ER studio

3. Open one of my colorful ER data model

4. Click File | Print ...

5. On the Print Preview window, my model still shows black and white, all other colors are gone. Page Scale is set to Fit Page

6. Click OK

The model comes out at printer is black and white, not a colorful one at all. I examined my color printer's Properties setting, The Color tab DOES NOT have Print in Grayscale selected.

Does anyone know what is causing the issue? Thanks for the help in advance.

Best regards,