Logical submodel not appearing from Excel import

So I have a large custom metadata repository to import, and using Excel as the bridge seems the most comprehensive way.

But I'm having a difficult time getting Logical submodels to appear.  

First I created a sample model directly in ER/Studio, added logical submodels, and exported to Excel.

In the output I can see that submodels are defined using the "Subject Area" column.  

But when I import even that output directly generated from ER/Studio, the submodels do not appear, and all the entities are lumped under the Main Model.

What options do I have?

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  • Hello.   All entities must be added to the main model.  A submodel is a subset of entities in the main model.  You must ensure that the macro you build creates the submodels, as well as specifying the entities included in each submodel.   It is difficult to ascertain what the specific problem is based only on the information provided, without seeing the input file and the macro you are using. Please contact our support team to log a case. and provide further information.