erwin built-in domains not imported into ER/Studio

Every erwin logical data model has four (4) basic domains "built in" to every model that cannot be removed: Blob, Datetime, Number, String.

For some reason the MIMB does not import those domains. As a result the attributes assigned those domains in erwin are imported into ER/Studio sans domain.

The workaround I have found is to modify the erwin XML file's domain group to comment out the Built_In_Id and change the Type. Then the domains are imported properly and correctly assigned to their respective attributes.

Is this an IDERA or a MITI issue? Ideally I wouldn't need to perform this "hack" so I could import the native erwin file instead of having to generate erwin xml and then tweak it. I would also prefer NOT to have to assign new domains to every attribute currently assigned those built-in domains simply because they can't be imported properly into ER/Studio.

If you have erwin you can replicate the problem by importing the eMovies model.


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