How to Use Import File to Create a Relationship Between 2 Entities/Tables

Am trying to create a data model from an Excel file. For "Import from" I selected Metadata Excel Format. The Excel for the import is from Meta Integration Technology corporation, and has 11 or so worksheets. I used the first worksheet (named Models) to create two logical data model entities and 2 physical data model tables. That works. Now I want to create a foreign key relationship between two of those entities/tables. I assume that means that in the MIT Excel file I have to use the worksheet named Relationships. I took a stab at that to create one single relationship between two tables. The import process works and it creates the 2 entities/tables and the attributes/columns in the Models worksheet, but it does not appear that the hoped for relationship between the two tables was created. What am I missing?

  • A simple method at accomplishing this is to open a sample model, export the model metadata, and view the format at which it was exported, the same can be done with a simple model that you generate yourself.

    Attached is a sample file that was exported using the Adventure Works demo that is included with Data Architect. I took the liberty of removing the unique ID under "Relationship." This would be a good place to start.