Using command line to generate DDLs for Hive and DB2



As a part of our client requirement we need to generate DDLs using the model file but from the command prompt rather using the IDE.  The reason for this is to avoid any manual intervention and would be managed by our Operations team for deployment.  Is there a possibility for the same ? Please help us in this regard.




  • This would be possible through macros. You can run macros through the command line by doing the following:
    <erstudio install folder>erstudio.exe -m <macroname>

    So you would put this in a batch file or something to execute.

    Macros are done in Winwrap which is similar to VB. There are some sample macros packaged with ER and there are some here in this community site. I'm not sure if there's anything that does what you're asking for but it should be fairly easy to make the macro for it.