Unable to connect to Postgres through ODBC


I have the Developer edition of Data Architect (v17.0, 64 bit) which means that I can only access a PostGres database through ODBC. When I try to connect to a Postgres database using the 64-bit Postgres ODBC driver (v11.00.00.00), I get the following error.

I did some looking and found the following Stackoverflow thread which may help:


Having said that, I installed (64-bit) Power BI on my laptop and it worked fine when connected to the 64-bit Postgres ODBC driver. (that is, I could connect to the database and read a table).

I'm after some help with troubleshooting this issue. Specifically, where are the log files for this error to be found and how do I set up logging so that it will log to the log file. Even better, what do I need to do to fix this problem?

Any help is welcome.

Thanks in advance,