SAP HANA support for ER/Studio forward enginerring


on our project we are planning to maintain one model for 3 different databases. We are planing Oracle 12c, MS SQL Server 2014 and SAP HANA 1.0. The Oracle and SQL Server are supported by ER/Studio, but I didn't find any note for SAP HANA.

So, does anybody know if SAP HANA will be supported in future? And if so, when it might be? We need full support from ER/Studio to do forward engineering actions (upgrading database schema from old to new model).

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  • Hello, Radim, thanks for your note. We do not currently have native support for SAP HANA in ER/Studio. This is on our future roadmap *** list, but we do not have a specific target date for its availability at this time.
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