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We have installed the new ER Studio Data Architect and Team Server, version 17.0   I have created, as well as imported models over to Data Architect.  when I go to the Admin, ER/Studio Publications, the models show that they are in "scheduled" status.  They never move out of this status.  Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

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  • Hi Yeison,

    In Team Server 17.x, you can publish a model via the following instructions:

    1. Open in a web browser the URL that you specified in your Team Server installation. 
    2. Log in as Admin with the password you specified upon installation.
      Note: The default password is Admin if you have not changed the default super user of your Repository installation.
    3. Click My Settings > Admin > ER/Studio Publications.
    4. On the ER/Studio Publications page, select those resources that you want to publish in the Selection column.
    5. Click Publish Selected to start the publication process. The Status column will show Published when the publication process ends successfully.

    You can review these steps in greater detail via our documentation wiki:


    If you are still having troubles publishing your model, I would suggest opening up a tech support ticket:


    Best regards,


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