Data Lineage using SSIS Package

HI all,

I am trying to generate a lineage by exporting external Metadata(SSIS file). ON the import window it shows me "Import tool: Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) 9.0 (2005) to 12.0 (2014)".I am uploading ".dtsx" file in Import Section. On To section of the Import Wizard I am selecting latest version of ER/Studio to be used . on the next screen  I see progress of the import.On clicking "Finish".a pop up with message "This DM1 file is from a previous version of ER/Studio Data Architect. It will be converter to the file format of the current version of ER/Studio Data Architect when you save it. Do you wish to continue to load the file" . On clicking "Yes" a Model is generated without the lineage diagram. In Data Lineage tab I can see the Data sources populated but the lineage diagram is not populated. I tried using all the version of ER Data Architect in To tab. Is there anything which anyone could help with?


Prashant Gajare