MetaWizard Support for IBM InfoSphere DataStage ETL v11.5

We are currently using the E/R Enterprise Team Edition Data Architect (v 16.0.2) and the IBM InfoSphere DataStage ETL v8.5.  There are plans to migrate to the DataStage v11.5 in the near future.  Is there a timeframe when this version of DataStage will be supported in the Import External Metadata wizards.  Versions 7.5 to 9.1 are currently supported versions of the metawizard.


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  • The metadata import wizards are supplied by Meta Integration. According to their web site ( the latest version of data stage they support is 9.1. Even if they introduced support for version 11.5 tomorrow, I think you'd have to wait for it to be bundled into ER/Studio, and then upgrade to the latest version of ER/Studio before you can use it.
    If someone on from Idera can comment, I'd be very happy to be told that my assumptions are wrong. :)