Computed View Column not available for Data Lineage

I am using a view as a data source in a Data Lineage Data Flow.  The inputs ellipsis button only shows columns from the view that are direct column references.  Computed columns do not show as input options although they show in the data source tree and on the visual representation of the table in the data flow.  Any work arounds?




  • Probably no work-arounds that you'd like. This sounds like a bug (can't try it myself until I get back in to the client's office) - which software version are you using? There are a number of issues that I've reported with Vusial Data Lineage, (VDL) which demonstrate to me that the original design wasn't thought through (such as not being able to compare VDL between dm1 files).
    You could create a non-generatable (I hope that's a real word) table with the required columns in it - I don't like the added scope for error here, nor the lack of traceability, nor the potential for confusion.