Anyone using Team Server for Business Glossaries?

Just started using Idera tools and I am trying to set up a Business Glossary but I SEEM to be encountering a number of limitations.  I'd love to hear from anyone else who's done it and knows better what can be done!

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  • Thanks for your replies Stanley.  One further question along the same lines...

    A business glossary ultimately needs to be consumed by the widest audience within your organisation - to get everyone to talk the same language and have the same understandings - yet Team Server seems to have no means of providing access without a username and password.  I can see that we need these things to be able to edit the content but we need to be able share widely.  It would seem a great shame to extract the contents to a CSV and somehow render it to a web page, losing all the linking functions, but is that the only alternative to allocating everyone with a password??

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