Merge part of Compare & Merge in DA 17.1 doesn't work on SQL Server 2017

We must reverse engineer all our models.  Until recently I would Compare & Merge using DA 16 against the prod SQL Server 2012 instance to update the model.  

Recently the databases were moved to 2017 forcing me to upgrade to DA 17.1.  Now all the PK indexes show up as needing to be updated (see screen shot attached).  Notice the PK...s are 'just indexes' on the left and are 'Primary Keys' on the right. The problem is, no matter how many times I try to merge, the same changes show up as outstanding.  I can't actually import or apply them such that they stop showing up as differences.

Further tests show this problem occurs even on tables that did not previously exist.  That is, the merge process will add a new table but after another round of compare the primary key of that new table shows up like all the existing ones - as needing adjustment.  So this doesn't just affect tables added under the old version.