Cannot get Naming standards Utility to apply the naming

I have created a Naming standards template and applied bindings.  When I pull up physical tables, I see the template in the bindings.  So far so good.

Now I want to "apply the naming".  I assume you do this with the "naming utility".  I pull that up, select the template on the first tab, navigate to the second tab, select the objects I want (tables, indexes, foreign keys, columns), and click "run translation".

Nothing is renamed in the model.  Is this only supposed to be applied during  Database Generation?  It does not.

I know this must work, but I cannot figure it out.  Also is there a better section to log this? 



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  • I figured this out.  On the Naming Utility Options tab, I need to source from Physical, and Target to Physical.  Then, when I clicked "run translation", it worked.  My objects physical were renamed.  In my opinion, so far, the "help" documentation is poor in this product.  It is like many other products that documents what each option does, and few screenshots that show actual examples for real world scenarios. 

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