Must i use the Business architect to create conceptual data model?

I would prefer to use the ER Data Architect. How are people using the ER DA for creating conceptual, logical and physical data models. At the moment, there are just the placeholders for the Logical and Physical Data model can be generated off the Logical. Is there a way to rename the Logical to Conceptual below?

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  • Hello! ER/Studio Data Architect is meant for working with logical and physical models. You can use Business Data Objects to consolidate entities into higher-level objects if that's helpful. But for true conceptual modeling, you may want to consider using ER/Studio Business Architect, which is designed for conceptual models and business process models. You can create conceptual models in ERBA then export them to a file that can be imported directly into ERDA as the basis for your logical model design, and you can also move models from ERDA to ERBA in a similar manner. Check out more on ERBA on our website:

    Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

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