killing a lock on a Business Architect workspace

Having some odd problems.   I have a workspace on a onedrive folder.  I shared the folder out read write to other folks.  At this point I can get in with Business Architect and then close the workspace cleanly.  However there is another member on the team that can't get in read write through business architect.  They can only get in read only.  Any thoughts on this?  Any way to remove a write lock from the workspace?  Thanks much.  


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  • Replying to this so all can find it easier.  Many thanks to Kim for the help.  This was an odd one.


    Using a OneDrive folder to share the model until we get Team Server installed.  Multiple users against a OneDrive folder.  The symptoms were one user getting a locked for read error message when other users could access the workspace.  


    As the owner of the folder I tried to see the temp file and delete it. Did not see it so couldn't delete it.  Then I opened the workspace and saved it to another folder on the OneDrive then deleted the original folders with the workspace and then resaved the workspace back to the original folder with the exact same name, did this while the other user's PC was shut down.  Did not work.  Then looked at the user that was getting the locked for read messages view of the folder.  There was an EXWTEMP file sitting there in the new directory.  Deleted this EXWTEMP file.  The user was then able to get in to the workspace normally.  


    There was an EXWTEMP file out there due to an abnormal shutdown.  However it was only visible to the person that created it in spite of the fact that they did not own the directory and folder.  Additionally in spite of deleting and recreating the directory the EXWTEMP file was there.  I believe that OneDrive saw the directory and then synced the users local copy of the EXWTEMP file back to the new directory.