returning multiple result sets - SAP IQ - TLS connection (Generic - JDBC)

I've never noticed an issue with returning multiple result sets when running a stored procedure in SAP IQ using ADS.  But recently we've been using a TLS connection (Generic - JDBC) to access IQ, and I notice it only seems to return 1 result set.  My question is:  is there a setting I should be using to return all results sets for this kind of connection?  Or is it a 'feature' of that configuration used?

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  • We actually do use the ADS SybaseIQ connection for the non-TLS, and it works fine...(apologies as this is somewhat outside my area of expertise)...the driver I see for the TLS version Generic-JDBC is sybase.jdbc4.sqlanywhere.IDriver.  The driver used in the SybaseIQ connection for non-TLS is com.sybase.jdbc4.jdbc.SybDriver

  • I don't think that there is a specific parameter to return all of the result sets. It might be just the way the IAnywhere driver works with our Generic JDBC connection. I have read that the IAnywhere driver
    does have some issues with stored procedures.

    You can try using the Aqua Data Studio SybasIQ native connection with the IAnywhere driver. Here is how to set it up.

    Assuming a Windows machine... Stick sajdbc4.jar in the c:\...\datastudio\lib\drivers directory. The other .dll files must be in a location in your path or I think you can just add them to the c:\...\datastudio directory. Restart ADS.
    Check the IAnywhere box in serverproperties->advanced for your IQ server connection. Add your tls parameters to the serverproperties->driver->parameter.