*runscript-bundled.bat* file do not export any data when the data is greater than around 115mb

Hi there,

I have already contacted Aqua Data Studio Support 2 weeks ago but there is no answer this regarding so I would like to try the Forum :).


I am working on Automation of some SQL-Queries using the Bat-File run script-bundled.bat for example with the following commands:

  • >runscript-bundled.bat -cDB_NAME -fPath_to_SQL.sql -oPath_to_Output_File.txt                                            
  • The result would be an executed SQL and the results of it would be saved as a Txt-File on the Computer.
  • The main Issue is now that when the Txt-File is bigger than around 115mb no Output file will be generated.

What I have tryed:

I have increased the Memory on two places:

  1. Increased the momery within the datastudio.ini File, see below:


       2. Increased the Memory within the runscript-bundled.bat File, like this below:


          -Xmx756M -XX:MetaspaceSize=4000m

Current Situation:

None of the above mentioned methods helpt, increasing the Memory withit those 2 files did not effect anything except the Performance during the SQL execution.

I guess somewhere in the files of Aqua Data Studio 19 there is the correct Setting but WHERE is the question :) , who knows it ...

Thank You,