UTF 8 in MySQL

We have a MySQL database which has been created with utf8 character set and unicode collation (CREATE DATABASE dbname DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8mb4  DEFAULT COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci), and with table and column definitions also set to utf8.

If we try to insert utf8 data into the tables using Aqua Data Studio (18.0.19) then the data is not stored correctly, however it works if passing the same query using MySQL Workbench.

For example the following query using MySQL Workbench works but not using ADS, which will store the data as '??'

insert into dbname values ('权益')

We have tested using Workbench to insert and ADS to read, and vice versa.

We have also followed other help references to add '?characterEncoding=utf8' to the Driver Parameters under Server Properties.

None of these changes seem to work.

Is there a configuration that needs to be set to properly handle UTF8 in Aqua Data Studio?