Fluid Shell excel2007 export to Query Builder MS Excel Server

Good Morning,

 I am running a fluidshell command to export a report to Excel. Here is an example of what that code looks like.

\sqlexport -f excel2007 -o "//MyPath/MS_Excel_Server/Skill.xlsx" 

This works fine.

I now want to manipulate this using the MS Excel Server connection in the query builder. The problem is the query builder is having a problem with the tab in the workbook because the name is 1. I think the builder is having a problem because it is a number. When I manually change this tab to a, I am able to run the file fine.

Is there a way in query builder to be able to run this file with 1 as the tab name? I think I already asked in the past if there is a way to rename the tab in Fluidshell and I don't think that was possible,