How do I connect to Teradata with LDAP?

How do I connect to Teradata with LDAP authentication using Aqua Data Studio?

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  • The authentication mechanism for a database server login is controlled by the JDBC driver of the vendor.  Each vendor has non-standard properties for their options.  The Teradata JDBC driver does have options for LDAP.

    The properties seems to be LOGMECH, with the options {TD1/TD2/KRB5/LDAP}.  In Aqua Data Studio you can go to the Server Registration->[Driver] tab and add your properties.  See my attached screenshot for an example.  There is also the LOGDATA properties, which I've attached a screenshot from the Teradata JDBC documentation to indicate the possible values for the LDAP mechanism (eg LOGDATA='dn:cn-John Smith, cn=users, dc-corp,dc-teradata,dc-compassword-secret').

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