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New to the forum, so apologies of this has been answered before.  Is there a way to filter by a particular owner of objects in the object tree?  For example, if I only want to show objects own by dbo, and then that would negate me prefixing my searches for an object name with dbo.

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  • Hi Lisa, Thanks again. I'm getting close.  If I filter as you suggest I can restrict everything to just dbo.* which is fine.  However, ideally I'd like the owner (dbo) to be at the end of the object name (dbo) or not seen at all.  That way I can search for objects by name only without worrying about prefixing with the owner.

    I tried playing about with schema groupings and Display, but when I do that I lose all my objects.  I tried filter with a mask of +*(dbo) but that didn't work.  I really appreciate your help getting me this far.

  • Hello,

    Can you please send me a screenshot of your object tree with the objects you are referring to so I can create a test scenario to match.  



  • Hopefully you can see that.  As you can see the view names are prefixed with dbo.

    Which is great, I want only those, but I'd prefer them without the prefix to allow me to search on name only.

    Thanks again for your help.

  • Hello,

    Please try this.  First go to Server Properties Advanced and set the Display and Schema Server grouped as indicated in the first Advanced Screenshot.  Then go to Filters and take off the filters, as indicated in the second screenshot filters display screenshot.  Then in the Third screenshot Tree display you should see the results that just give the name and not the combination. 

  • LIsa, thanks for the valiant effort.  The problem is, your solution is nice and tidy and simple in a server with limited number of users creating objects.  I have over 400 users all with personally created objects, of which an infuriating number of them have names which come before dbo!  If I switch on the schema folder grouping, I get all the users before dbo. I'm not sure which is worse!

    I think where I have it just now is better than it was, and I really do appreciate your help getting me there.  Unless of course you come up with something else.  Thanks again for your help.