searching/filtering objects

New to the forum, so apologies of this has been answered before.  Is there a way to filter by a particular owner of objects in the object tree?  For example, if I only want to show objects own by dbo, and then that would negate me prefixing my searches for an object name with dbo.

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  • Thanks for the reply and the welcome Lisa, much appreciated.  However, can I bother you for more info.  You screenshot lead me part of the way.  I've now got a sub-branch of users, which I found in the server properties [Advanced] tab. Under Object Folder, the properties Schema Grouping and Display.  However, it looks nothing like the Object Search box you linked to.  I know I should RTFM, but there is always so much to do!  Your help would be appreciated and perhaps the time saved will allow me to RTFM Slight smile