Connect to postgres via SSH

I see where you can add an SSH server and of course I can add a connection to a postgres instance that I have direct access to but I'm missing how to build an SSH connection into the database connection.  When using a mac I can open terminal and port forward 5432 to another port and then connect to a 127 address in Aqua Data Studio but other IDE's have the SSH connection option built into the connection options directly so you don't have to first open Terminal on Mac or Putty on Windows.  

Is there a configuration in Data Studio that allows this and I'm just missing it?

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  • Currently, Aqua Data Studio does not support SSH tunnels.  We have this scheduled for the next release, anticipated in October 2019.    Please keep in mind, All Aqua Data Studio features must pass a full Quality Assurance cycle to be included in this release.    You may follow your request with our Aqua Clusters Issues tracking system  with this link   Issue 6017

    Thank you!


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