Results pane feature request

The single handiest feature I'd like to see just now kind of works with things as they are. But... I like to keep a couple Execute Edit windows open for a couple queries. Daily, I frequently whack a partial string into the search box in that window, narrowing the visible records down to a few rows. Copy/paste a few things and I'm on my way. It's the absolute fastest way to do a handful of many things I do with ADS. However, that's two windows open. It'd be nice if it was one. Also, I don't need to edit, so there's a lot of button-bar clutter, and several tabs I don't need for my simple purpose. The thing that would do the trick is a typical results pane in the main ADS window. But I can't pop that out into a separate window -- it stays attached to my query analyzer window. I generally have a dozen or more analyzers open, so to get at it as needed I'd have to navigate my tabs first. Also, if I need a refreseh I need to target the query at issue in the analyzer window and run it again. There's no refresh button on the results pane itself -- which kind of makes sense, though I could see a case for there being one. ANYWAY, I can pin several results in the results area of the UI. What would happen if I could pop out that whole area -- with multiple results tabs for different queries -- and what if it had a refresh button? Maybe even an "autorefresh" option with selectable timeframe. Just a thought. Screen shot attached. I suppose some other buttons would be handy. The usual right-clicks for results. Just something I could have in a separate window, floating about my multiple screens, handy instantly to whack a few keys and get what I need. Bonus points if such a window could be created with multiple tabs from a set of abbreviations stored as a series of queries, executed from a query analyzer pane with a "pop-out results" button in the toolbar. How to target the pop-out window for further results from later queries, I can't say.
  • Hi Scot, I am not completely clear on your use case. So you like the functionality and layout of the table data editor(Execute Edit) but you prefer having the window attached to ADS so there is only one ADS window but multiple table data editors windows inside of the ADS window. Thanks, Tom
  • No, not attached. I like a single unattached window -- like the editor -- that could have multiple tabs but be query analyzer results panes with no edit capability but refresh capability. This would serve the need to quickly filter (with the search text-box) results in many separate queries in a single pane that could be floated independently of the main ADS Window. I use ADS for a lot of different purposes in any given day. However, I have a need to simply access data from several queries and filter it down in an ad hoc way (thus the value of whacking a few quick characters in the search box in the results pane or editor window). It's not practical to have a separate editor window open for each, nor to mix these informational tabs among the many diverse other tabs I use ADS for in any given day. The informational queries are one kind of thing, in my mind, so I'd like to have 'em all in a separate window as separate, renameable tabs. Refreshable. No need to edit. It would be cool if an aquascript could open such a floating window with any number of tabs executing queries or procs, as a set. A window with several results tabs has to have its underlying SQL defined somewhere; not sure what the most elegant way of doing that would be, but something assuming a need to open and retain several tabs in a routine way would be handy.
  • Hi Scot, I opened issue to be evaluated for a future release of Aqua Data Studio. Thanks, Tom