Will there be Snowflake DB support soon?

We are evaluating using the Snowflake Computing service for our cloud EDW (http://www.snowflake.net/), and while I was able to download their jdbc driver and configure a generic jdbc connection with ADS, this limits what I can do. I can run basic queries, but I can't use features like scripting DML, DDL, or reverse engineering a model, and of course I can't create a data model specific to Snowflake. Is there a timeline for adding Snowflake as a supported database to ADS? In the meantime, I suppose I could some type of very clunky workarounds, but this will definitely slow our development efforts and scaling.
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  • We worked with Snowflake last year to make sure the Generic-JDBC connection type worked ok, so that gives you the basics. We currently don't have a timeline for native support. We are aware of them and are keeping an eye on the service. We will prioritize them as market demand increases for their service.
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