ER modeler - comparison with Primary key = Clustered/non Clustered

hi, is there any possibility we can compare the model with the database and exclude the "PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED" as being seen as a difference with the model? Version used = 18.0.19 database = SQLServer Regards
  • Hi Coen, It is not possible in ADS to exclude constraint attributes in the ddl when doing ER Modeler comparisons. Tom
  • Tom, would you consider this as an feature request?
  • Hi Coen, Just for clarification, when doing ER Modeler comparisons, you want to be able to only compare table and columns and not compare any constraints? Thanks, Tom
  • Tom, Yes we would like to have the option disable comparing the constraints so we can focus on the Table and Column definitions. Yes normally we compare everything including the different constraints but sometimes a constraint is changed afterwards in the model to show how the model should be, but the application/database is already implemented and the change cannot be done until sometime in the future. until you reach that point in time however you still want to compare the database but focus on the "more important (or lets say other)" changes made to the model instead of looking at the constraints which you want to skip. A helpfull solution would be either 1. have more say about what is being compared (beforehand). or 2. Being able to filter out certain differences on tables (afterwards). Hope this clarifies my request. with regards
  • Hi Coen, I opened issue #15512 as a new feature request for a future release of Aqua Data Studio. Here is a link to the issue.. Thanks, Tom