SQL Secure free trial version still requires a license key for using

Hi IDERA team, sorry for bothering you!
I'm aa Infomation Security student, currently I have an assignment about researching your SQL Secure tool. My teacher say that your SQL Secure is an awesome tool, may be the best on monitoring and securing the Database.
As a student I don't have as much as money for buying your SQL Secure tool, but it's lucky for me that there is a free trial version on your website, I download the SQL Secure free trial version with the description of Fully functional on 14 days at this link https://idera.com/productssolutions/sqlserver/sqlsecure 
Dear IDERA team, I downloaded the free trial version, but it still required me to enter the license key. I think there is a problem with the free trial version of SQL Secure on the website, because it really do need a license key to use at the first time download.
So I really need your help to guide me how to download a truly free trial version of SQL Secure. I really need to use SQL Secure for education purpose, Your help is extremely valuable to me! When you have time please check my appeal! Thank you so much! I wish all the best things will come to you! Thank you IDERA team!