Scripting Interface To SQLyog

I have an educational software application that consists of multiple client PC's running MySQL and Microsoft Windows Professional. I have a requirement to synchronize each of the PC client databases with a MySQL database on a server. Each PC will contain educational records related to a single educational institution. On the server side, each educational institution will have a unique instance of a MySQL database. If student records are added or deleted or modified - the changes must be synchronized between the client and server databases. I have read the documentation on the webyog website. Can I use your software to initiate the synchronization process through a scripting language such as Perl? What happens if the communication link is down when a synchronization is performed?

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  • Yes! SJA is definitely the tool for you.

    You just need to install and configure SJA at each of the clients. You dont need to do any scripting. SJA can be scheduled.

    However, if required, you can spawn SJA from your perl script

    If the link goes down, SJA would resume from that point next time!
  • SQLyog is a compact Win32 Front End for MySQL database. This program is aimed at users who are familiar with SQL statements and want an easy-to-use graphical interface to execute SQL queries. SQLyog supports the execution of multiple queries and selected (highlighted) or single queries, and offers a template explorer to quickly insert commonly used queries, such as CREATE [TABLE], INSERT, DROP [TABLE], ROLLBACK and others. In addition, you can export data in CSV, HTML or XML format s and import data from a text file. SQLyog also allows you to diagnose database issues, optimize your databases, save your favorite SQL scripts in favorite folders and more.

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