How to configure Custom Counter and alert against all Servers in SQL Diagnostic Manager

How to configure Custom Counter and alert against all Servers in SQL Diagnostic Manager.

I would like to make sure this alert is automatically added to all new Servers that will be registered in future.

  • This is possible, although it isn't very straight forward. 

    Whenever a new server is added to SQLDM for monitoring, the Alert Template that is designated as the default will automatically get applied. To determine which Alert Template is set as the default, go to Tools > Alert Configuration Template. The template that is in bold text is the one that is configured as the default.

    Once you've figured out which template you want to add the custom counter, the next thing to do is to figure out which SQL instance has the custom counter applied/linked to it. You can check this on the Administration > Custom Counter view. Simply select your custom counter then click the Link button on the ribbon.

    As you can see in the image above, my SQL Instance Restart custom counter is linked to two instances running on the KIBA server.

    Next, I go back to the Servers view, right-click on the instance that I found to have the custom counter linked to it and select Configure Alerts. On the window that appears, find the custom counter in the list. Once located, deselect the metric then select it again. You should see a new icon appear indicating that it's something that has been changed.

    Once the icon appears, click the Apply button. A prompt will appear asking if you want to apply the change to other servers, tags or templates. In this case, you want to click Yes. Don't worry about it overwriting the template. Since the change icon only appears for the metrics that you edited, only those changes are going to be applied to the template that you select. On the window that appears, enable Select Template then choose the template that you want to have the change applied to then click OK.

    At this point, you're done. Any servers that are added afterward should automatically have the default template applied to it.