Change Idera Dashboard Core Service setting after installation

We have recently needed to change the account we use for starting and monitoring with SQLDM, and the use of the old windows level account has been discontinued.  Unfortunately, this old account (which is used for other purposes as well) has been getting disabled because of activity on our SQLDM monitoring server.

After much digging, we found a reference to the old account in the IderaDashboardCoreService.exe.config file, under <applicationSettings><Idera.CoreServices.Properties.Settings>. The <value> for <setting name="ServiceAdminAccount" serializeAs="String"> is the obsolete login, and of course the ServiceAdminPassword setting is an encrypted string. This is what we need to change. was posted.

Three years ago, the question Change Credential for IderaDashboard after installation was posted here, but it received no public answer, so I will ask again. How do I change this setting? Do I have to reinstall Idera Core Services, or is there some tool that can do this, or some entryway to editing this that is not mentioned in the documentation? We can't have this login continuing to fail because of this inappropriate link.

  • I'd personally recommend that you get in touch with IDERA support. The details of the account are also located in the repository database as well in the Common.RegisteredProducts table. The password is encrypted in the table, which will need to be updated. Support will be able to provide you with the files you need to create the encrypted values so that you can update the product to use the new credentials.

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