SQLDM Console uses lot of RAM

The process SQLdmDesktopClient.exe uses nearly 6 GB RAM after 2 hours of running. The version I use is

After few hours it becomes too slow and unusable.

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  • One thing that you might consider checking is your console options (Tools > Console Options). There's are two settings that you might be interested in, Server View Refresh and Keep real-time data for the last X minutes.

    The Server View Refresh setting is the interval at which SQLDM refreshes the real-time data. Real-time data, however, is kept in the console's memory, which is why the second setting is available. As you can imagine, this means that the longer the console is opened, the larger the memory will grow. The more instances you are monitoring, the quicker the memory will grow.

    It might be worthwhile to experiment with these to settings to see which works best for your environment. For instance, increasing the Server View Refresh and decreasing the Keep real-time data for the last X minutes might help.