Missing data in the GUI serveral times every couple of hours

 over the course of a day, our idera reading look like this.... I have officers in the company want this fixed as it disturbs them, if I close out idera and reopen it, then the data is there, but they want to be able to monitor the servers through out the day.... and it doesn't happen to every server that the diagnostic manager is reading... but the server you are seeing is our server we must have running right.. thank you for any insight...

  • oh and I am running 10.4 of SDM

  • Check to see how you have SQLDM configured to collect Operating System metrics (right-click the monitored instance name and select Properties then go to the OS Metrics tab).

    If you have the option configured for direct WMI, you might try OLE automation instead. It is possible that the direct WMI method is timing out and SQLDM is then unable to collect the data. The OLE automation option puts the responsibility of collecting WMI data to the monitored SQL Server. This may help given that SQL Server and WMI are on the same machine, rather than have the data being collected remotely by the SQLDM Collection Service.

    Keep in mind that this option does require that OLE Automation Procedures are configured as enabled on the monitored SQL Server instance.