SQLDm - index fragmentation rebuild not actually rebuilding

I found what  I believe to be a bug in the SQLDm app, we are on version

Go to alerts, find one that has a fragmentation warning (i.e. fragmentation level over X%).  

Drill down on the alert, expanding to the table and indexes view.

Right click on the table in question and rebuild index.  Now at this point it will go through and give you a result that it was rebuilt and what the post rebuild fragmentation is.

What actually happens is nothing is rebuilt, the indexes remain fragmented.  I traced the call and got the actual code it runs, it seems like it will never be successful do to a check resulting in a NULL value.

select @type = type, @indexid = index_id from sys.indexes where object_id = @id and name = 'null'

I put in a ticket over a week ago, listing it as a high level priority.  Got the initial email from the support worker, I provided all the requested information and since then it is typical Idera support...ZERO communication on a status of where the ticket is at.

The extremely poor support Idera provides on issues is one of the main reasons we are moving away from this flaky product as a whole.