Confuring alerts at a DB level

PLaying around with a trial version at the moment and have got a question; we’ve a third party app that uses on DB on a multi-DB server that is written so wonderfully badly that it likes to issue deadlocks like they’re going out of fashion; As a resultI’d like to exclude Deadlock alerts from this DB only and not any of the others on the server.

Is this even possible? I’ve not seen any means of doing so in the alert configuration.

In addition, can one remove\modify alerts for different disk drives?



  • Hi Rachel,

    For the Deadlock alert in particular, there’s not currently a way to filter out particular databases (or disks) from firing the alert. That seems like a reasonable thing to try to do, though, so I’ll go ahead and pass the request on to product development to see if we might add it in a future release.

    A lot of the alerts do have an “Advanced” button in the bottom right of the configuration pane, and some of these allow you to filter the alerts to include or exclude particular database, disks, and other factors. I’d look for the Advanced options for a given alert to see if the particular filter you’re looking for exists on that alert.

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