SQLvdb Filter Service version License has expired.


We are using SQLSafe on multiple servers in our company. Recently we’re seeing ‘SQLvdb Filter Service version
License has expired.’ messages on many of those servers, however we have never installed Idera SQLvdb on those servers ourselves but instead we have SQLSafe client agents running. We are still ok to backup & our SQLSafe licenses are ok ( according to the SQLSafe repository licence key manager we have ‘Never expires’ keys). Also our SQLSafe version install is, which tends to lend credence to the fact that SQLSafe is installing SQLvdb in the background &/or using it.

My question is why do we get these SQLvdb messages & what is the interaction/relationship between SQLSafe & SQLvdb, especially seeing as SQLvdb is sold as a separate product to SQLSafe?.

Any answers/assistance with this topic would be greatly welcomed as our sys admin is getting quite fed up with the eventlog spamming SQLvdb is producing.

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  • Hello Jim A.,

    This is currently a known issue with SQLsafe 8.0. The SQLvdb service gets installed on servers where a SQLsafe 8.0 backup service is installed. Currently, SQLsafe leverages the SQLvdb service to perform Object Level Recovery using the Idera Dashboard. It doesn’t require a license because it is only performing restores, but since it has no license it is writing that error to the Event Viewer.

    There is currently no workaround for this. However, in the next release, SQLsafe will not be leveraging the SQLvdb service to perform Object Level Recovery, which will resolve the issue.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the feedback. Guess we’ll wait until the next release of SQLSafe.

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