Compressed backup and Virtual database

Hi All,
Is virtual database abble to manage compressed backup files?
Accprding to my tests the answer is no, but i need confirmation.
Best reagrds.

  • Dear Max,

    In the past I have seen where SQLvdb is unable to mount natively compressed backup files. When a backup file is natively compressed and depending on the size of the backup file, the process SQLvdb uses to mount the data can timeout.

    A possible workaround for this is to generate the mapping used by SQLvdb prior to mounting the backup files.

    To generate the maps you can use the SQLvdb command line interface.

  • Hi All,
    thanks for the advice, we are currently in touch with your support.
    I have test what your just told me and unfortunatly the result is the same.
    We will have a conf call with your support today, in order to unlock the situation.
    Happy to see that you are extremly rectives.
    Best regards