Files created by VirtualDB

Good day,
The VDB documentation explains the files and sizes created by VDB, for example for a 500Mb backup, it requires 51Kb.
I have a dump of 60Mb, but when I create the virtual DB, VDB creates an mdf and ldf in the directory specified, of the same size as the original database (around 300Mb each).
I notice in the forum that others ask the same question, but I’ve not seen a response.

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  • Good day,
    Your reply doesn’t really answer my question, which is that VDB creates an mdf et ldf of the same size as the original DB.
    The product documentation implies that the backup is used as a virtual database and disk space requirements are minimal, the reality seems to be that I need at least as much disk space as the original database, which is limiting in the case of very large DBs.
    In that respect the DB created is more a temporary DB than a virtual one.

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