Credentials needed when creating Virtual Database

Hi all,
i have two domains, one for production, one for dev, i have take backups of my production databases and want to make them virtual whith virtual database on my dev plateform.
My problem is that when i add a backup file with the UI, he ask me for credentials, and in production or in dev we do not have specific credentials for backup.
I have also tried to restaure this backup with ssms with success, and no credentials needed.
I have check with my sysadmin and in dev, i have all the possible rights set on the plateform.
Any help woulb be appreciate.

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  • Permission requirements

    The SQL VDB Filter Service account requires the following permissions. By default, setup program will assign the Local System account to the Filter Service. During install, you can input credentials for a Windows user account or SQL Server login.

    Member of the Builtin Administrators Windows group on the SQL Server computer where the SQL VDB Engine is installed
    Actions Taken:
    Create or edit virtual database

    Read and write access rights on the folder where backup files are stored
    Actions Taken:
    Read backup files and write temporary files

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