Question: How do you use SQL Virtrual Database?

I’d like to know how you are using SQL Virtual Database and what problems it is helping you solve.

  • I installed it, restored one of my existing backups…
    The result is: I can work with the restored db.
    If honestly I did not understand this product goal.

    To hide the restore commands?
    It does practically teh same as SSMS does..


  • I thought the idea of using SQL Virtual Database is so that you didn’t have to restore a database, but could access the backup file directly without restoring or something along those lines…

    Am I missing something?

  • I thought that it is too. But in fact the database is restored as usually.
    Could dear Windy please explain how it works?


  • We just got it and started playing with it.
    Yes, it accesses the backup file directly and creates a few auxiliary files to assist with data changes.

    The real advantage I see so far is not having to wait for the restore, it’s almost like an instance restore – Probably not so useful for small databases but helpful for larger ones and when you need to troubleshoot data integrity issues and the like.

  • In regards to this, if you are working directly with the backup file and you can make write changes to it – how is the integrity of the backup maintained? Does it create a copy, or a snapshot of the backup? Or if you make changes to that virtual database is that backup then changed forever?

  • When making changes to the virtual database you are not making changes to the backup file itself so it does not affect the integrity of the original backup. If you decide to keep the changes you have made, you need to first save the virtual file as a new backup.

  • Do not have to wait for full restore, does it feature allow quick DRP solution for large TB databases? May provide some experience regarding DRP? Does it is compatible with Data Domain backup files format?