NamedStandardsTemplate mappings import/export ???

I know that I can import/export the namedStandardsTemplate via an .NST file, and directly as a .csv, but I'm looking for a way to use it in a Macro.

I can get the nameStandardsTemplate

Dim MyDiagram As Diagram
Dim myDataDict As Dictionary
Dim myNameTmplt As NamingStandardsTemplate

Set MyDiagram = DiagramManager.ActiveDiagram
Set myDataDict = DiagramManager.ActiveDataDictionary
Set myNameTmplt = myDataDict.NamingStandardsTemplates.Item(1)

But from here I can't get to the actual mappings (logical->physical)

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

P.S. I'm trying to write a macro to reverse physical column names in the logical model.