Unpredictable ERStudio Crashing Issue Upon Attachments Binding Macro Execution

Hi All,

The ERStudio 18.5 version is crashing while or after successful execution of attachments binding macros. In these macros we are mainly dealing with data dictionaries and its objects. The macro replaces all local data dictionary bound objects ( security properties, domains and attachments) by their enterprise data dictionary version ( by preserving the current set value) for the selected table attributes.

The macro also attaches security property and attachments based on the set domains with appropriate value for the columns.

The issue is sometimes the macro runs perfectly fine but sometimes its crashing the tool. Its very unpredictable as some of my teammates faced this issue at 1st run and some faced it at 8th execution.

Did anyone faced similar issue or has any solution on this?

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  • Hi Harshada,

    With the ER/Studio Data Architect from your teammate who faced the issue at 1st run, I'd try to run the macro from the editor after setting a breakpoint:

    and Step Into each line till it crashes to identify which instruction triigers the issue:



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