Compare and Merge Utility duplicates domain names

This may very well be user error, but here goes:  Whenever I perform a compare and merge (logical to physical, logical to logical, physical to physical), ER/Studio doesn't seem to recognize that domain types are the same, and creates new domains with a number appended.  That is, if a data element has a domain of "id an" on both sides of the merge, it will have a domain type of "id an_1" in the Target after the merge.  The new domain will be added to the data dictionary.  (And if I process another compare and merge, it will add "id an_2", etc.)

Do I just need to uncheck "Domain" on page 3 of the Compare and Merge utility?  Or are there any settings that I need to consider?

  • I've usually see this when comparing between 2 different .dm1 files, especially if the domains are in a local data dictionary.  I've also seen it happen with a model if you copy a table - this was a bug that was fixed in version 17.1, I believe.  But I've never seen it when doing a Compare and Merge within a model.  Are you domains in a local data dictionary or an enterprise data dictionary?