Macro to update naming standards template mappings

I'm looking to automate some of our existing naming standards, ideally by using as much of the naming standards functionality built into ER/Studio Data Architect. I'd like to write a macro that automates the population of the mappings of a naming standards template, but exploring the API there doesn't appear to be an support for this?

Can anyone confirm this? Or better yet, provide an example to refute it?

  • I think about the best you can do is use the Import feature to populate the mappings.  But be careful with that, my experience is that it just appends, it doesn't replace.

    I don't see anything in the API that would let you import the mappings

  • FYI, if you really want to automate Naming Standards for columns, the best way to do that is to bind a Naming Standards Template to your model in Model Options, and make sure the 'Enable automatic name translation' option is checked on the Name Handling tab of Tools | Options.  That will automatically adjust your physical column names as you type your (logical) attribute names based on your Naming Standards Template.

  • I noticed that import only appends, and without a "clear" button that will make it hard to manage a large set of abbreviations.

    Thanks for confirming my understanding of the lack of support in the API.

  • I'd seen that and only played with a little and it looks to be helpful.

    It's a different kind of "automation" than I was initially looking for, though. In our current tool, we have an extension that automatically converts full names into reasonable(ish) abbreviations; e.g., Client becomes CLT. I'm looking to duplicate that functionality in ER/Studio Data Architect and am considering my options, hopefully building on what's included "out of the box." For example, I was hoping to run a macro that would automatically populate the mappings in a naming standards template based on the full words in the logical model. Without an API to do that my options are more limited.

    Automatic name translation could be icing on the cake.

  • It's possible to clear the list by selecting the first row (be sure you're selecting the entire row, not the first cell), then shift-clicking the last row, and then clicking the Delete button.  Then you can reimport.