Including subtype clusters in a submodel using a macro

In the latest phase in my model import from PowerDesigner I've managed to build a submodel hierarchy using a macro, and added the required Entities and Relationships. Now I want to add the subtype clusters to the submodels and hit a brick wall. There isn't a collection of subtype displays for a submodel, so I tried acting as if they're relationships (Data Architect sometimes treats them as relationships).

Same question as on other days - am I missing something?

Ordinarily I could add the clusters to the submodels manually, but the sample model I'm dealing with has 203 of them in 27 submodels. The full model will have many more, I'm sure.

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  • I can add entities and relationships to a submodel using a macro, but not subtypes - perhaps this is because they're only relevant for the LDM? In the automation interface the 'Model' object can be Logical or Physical, so they'd have to build something in to support a SubTypeClusterDisplays collection for the LDM but not the PDM.

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