Straightening relationships using a macro

I'm working with the model I imported from PowerDesigner, this time making styles consistent. Some things are easy, like changing the submodel defaults for colours and relationship elbowing. Other things are much trickier - it would be great if I could automatically apply the defaults to diagram symbols but, hey ho, we can't have everything we want.

One thing I want to do is to make sure all the relationships are properly elbowed, and  perfectly horizontal or vertical if that works. I can't find any way of doing this in a macro - in the UI I can use "Reset to Default Docking Position". 

In a macro, can I do these?

  • apply submodel "Diagram and Object Display Options" to all (or selected) symbols
  • run "Reset to Default Docking Position" for all relationship displays

There is an 'elbow position' property on Relationship Display - I know I can change the value, but what does it mean? All the ones I looked at have a value of 5000.

  • I don't believe there are any methods to allow resetting the relationship position - not sure what elbow position integer value represents.  There is a Resize method on the EntityDIsplay object but I'm not sure if that will have any impact on the relationship line positions.  Another option is to try is to set the oSubModel.StraightRelLine property to false and then back to true, perhaps that will reset the positioning...

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