COM API to execute macro?

Does the API provide a means for executing a macro?

I'm writing automation external to ER/Studio Data Architect, in Visual Basic, and can load the application and get the current diagram as per the instructions in the documentation. As part of my automation, I'd like to run a macro. Is there an ability to do that using the API?

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  • You can launch a macro from another macro using the MacroRun command.  So you could try as part of your automation to create a trappable event in one of the ERSxxxHandlers from which you could then issue a MacroRun command. 

    For example, in ERSBasicHandlers there are CreateModelHandler and CreateSubModelHandler events.  You could add a MacroRun command in those events.  Your Automation code could then create a model or Submodel in your opened diagram, and the event handler would run your macro.  Then your automation could subsequently delete the model that you created.

    A little clunky, but it might work.

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