Studio DA export metadata macro view help needed.

ER studio  Data Architect 18.0.1, MACRO tab, Export Metadata to Excel version 2.1, I see support for Entity and Tables to be selected but I need tables and views.  Lines 152-153 set the ENTDialogOptions to 1 or 2.   Can I double up on 2 so I get tables and views, and if so how?   Where is the selection test for table and how does one put an or view in there?     Also is there a good way to see the underlying data?

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  • What you're asking for is not a trivial change.  There are 2 loops in the PrintData subroutine, one that processes all the entities (tables) in the submodel display, and one that processes all the Selected Objects in the submodel, based on the Export Scope selected.  For All Objects export scope, you would have to add a second loop that goes through all the ViewDisplay members.  For the Selected Objects loop, line 287 checks to see if the object is a table.  You would need to add an Else statement that would process any object that is a view (so.Type = 16).

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