Anybody using ERSBasicHandlers macro?

Is anyone successfully using the CreateAttributeHandler or CreateEntityHandler procedures in the ERSBasicHandlers module?  I'm trying to trigger certain things like the color of a new Entity or Attribute when they are added by putting code in those procedures.  When I did it initially a week ago, it worked fine.  But now it's not working for me anymore.  To test whether the procedures are actually called, I inserted a MsgBox at the top of each procedure to tell me that it was in the code, but I'm not getting the messagebox for either procedure.  And yes, I restarted ER Studio after making that code change, and yes, I have all 3 Event Handler options checked on the Automation Options tab of the Options window.

Is there some other hidden thing that controls whether these events are actually called?  I don't have any problem with the ERSUpdateHandler procedures, those are being triggered just fine - only with ERSBasicHandlers for adding new stuff.